Published Work

Scientific Reports

August 2018

A New Approach to Compute the Porosity and Surface Roughness of Porous Coated Capillary-Assisted Low Pressure Evaporators


Evaluation of low-pressure flooded evaporator performance for adsorption chillers

March 2017

Applied Energy

Effects of capillary-assisted tubes with different fin geometries on the performance of a low-operating pressure evaporator for adsorption cooling system applications

January 2016

Applied Thermal Engineering

Performance of finned tubes used in low-pressure capillary-assisted evaporator of adsorption cooling systems

August 2016


Effects of adsorbent mass and number of adsorber beds on the performance of a waste heat-driven adsorption cooling system for vehicle air conditioning applications

October 2016

Science Bulletin

Experimental and numerical investigation of a solar eductor-assisted low-pressure water desalination system

June 2016

Heat Pipe Science and Technology, An International Journal

Effects of fin spacing and fin height on the performance of a low operating pressure evaporator for an adsorption cooling system

December 2015

International Journal of CFD Case Studies

Numerical Investigation of Droplet Distribution from a Pre-filming Air-blast Atomizer

December 2009

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